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Best workout Proform treadmill for your fitness

Proform is a most popular manufacturer of best treadmills in the world fitness market. Verities of product for sports & fitness are available.Proform treadmill, here we explain two of them for your best workouts.

Proform treadmill

Pro-Form 580X Treadmill Description

The Pro-Form 580X Residential Treadmill was manufactured around 2003 and was available for sale at department Sears stores. It is a small motorized, treadmill, foldable built for home use. The 580X offers several training modes and provides periodic information about your training on the console. However, since it is an older model, it is not readily available.


Pro-Form has a complete line of fitness machines including ellipticals, bicycles, slope trainers and treadmills. According to the treadmill information and treadmill best site Guide.com, the 580X model was one of a line of Pro-Form ribbons made by Sears. Pro-Form is known for making medium-priced treadmills that have a lot of features and work reasonably well.


The 580X-home treadmill features a cushioned foot deck and foldable frame, saving you precious space when you’re not using it. The 2.5 horsepower engine supports speeds up to 10 mph. Pro-Form has auto-lubrication the ride cover with a high performance lubricant, so keeping the belt free.


The feed ramp on the 580X is tilted to 10 percent, and is adjustable in 0.5 percent increments. Two built-in handgrip pulse sensors allow you to check your heart rate at any time during your workout. There are six preset programs included that will automatically adjust the speed and long tilt settings of your workout. You can also choose between heart rate control programs. These programs adjust the speed and incline to keep your heart rate at 85 percent and 80 percent respectively. The console provides information on elapsed time, approximate calories burned, distance traveled, and speed and incline.


The Pro-Form 580X is no longer available from the manufacturer. This model is difficult to find new since it is about seven years. You can find used machines online and possibly garage sales or flea markets.


The original price of the 580X is no longer published. The amount you pay for a machine that is used will be largely determined by the state of the treadmill. As of October 2010, some advertisers used 580X treadmills for $ 300 to $ 500.

Pro-Form 60 GTS Treadmill Information

Pro-Form is probably the best-known name on residential treadmills. The company makes mid-priced, economical treadmills with more features than other treadmills in the price range. The Pro-Form 60 GTS treadmill is an older model machine manufactured throughout 2001. You can still find this treadmill model on the online sites that specialize in second hand equipment.


Pro-Form is a subsidiary of Icon Health and Fitness, which is one of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment in the industry. Icon also makes other brands of exercise devices such as NordicTrack, Reebok and FreeMotion. Pro-Form is known for making inexpensive treadmills that are in the price range of $ 500 to $ 1,000. Although Pro-Form machines are usually full of features, websites such as thetoprunners.com recommend against these treadmills for serious runners due to the low durability and reliability of the audience.


The 60 GTS is foldable and can be moved on the built-in wheels and stored when not in use. It features a padded walking platform that absorbs part of the impact on your joints as your feet land with each step. The walking belt is already lubricated with a high performance lubricant, so you do not have to lubricate the machine.


The 60 GTS includes six certified personal trainer programs that automatically control speed and incline during your workout. IFit interactive technology lets you connect the treadmill to your computer and download iFit.com workouts. The foot cover tilts up to 10 percent and you can adjust the speed from 0 to 10 mph. Check your heart rate by placing the thumbs on the bar pulse sensor. Your heart rate data will be displayed on the console in a few seconds.


As you can no longer purchase the 60 GTS treadmill from the manufacturer, the price you pay will depend on the condition, age and previous use of the machine. Originally, the Pro-Form 60 GTS sold for around $ 1,000.


Parts for the 60 GTS are readily available. With Pro-Form being a popular ribbon brand, and Icon Health and fitness being such a great manufacturer, many online sites and fitness equipment stores carry pieces of Pro-Form treadmills. The most common part you would most likely have to replace is the walking band.

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