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Breast augmentation surgery: 4 considerations to safer results

Breast implants have been around for more than 50 years and it isn’t unconventional that breast augmentation surgery remains the most popular cosmetic procedure. A 2013 survey report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) revealed that approximately 290,244 breast augmentation surgeries were performed just in the U.S.A.

Over the years, not only the number of surgeries grew but rapid development in the surgical method resulted in a safe procedure, quick recovery and a variety of choice for patients considering breast surgery. For your convenience, here’re a few considerations to delve upon before moving on with the procedure.

Breast augmentation surgery

  1. Silicone or Saline implants

Since breast surgery relates to the size, texture, profile and overall alignment of the implant itself, there’ve been many advancements to the transplants. The first generation silicone-based implants making the headlines is the story of yesteryear. Today, numerous options are presented before a patient, guaranteeing safer procedure and effective results.

Even today, many patients prefer silicone implants over saline due to their benefits such as newest consistent gel or “gummy bear” implants. These are lighter, softer and give a more natural feel whereas rate of deflation and rippling is also less however, a costly option.

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Remaining percentage of patients who wish smaller incision and a budgeted option opt for saline implants that are beneficial in their own way! Ultimately, the final decision is taken by the patient so it’s utterly important she’s comfortable with the selection.

  1. Surgical incision

Although the surgical procedure is widely accepted, there’re patients prefer keeping it private due to concerns over size and incision points. Through innovations in breast surgery methods and products, significant reduction in the appearance of scars is possible. There’re different approached to incisions but plastic surgeons mostly prefer inframammary (under the breast fold), transaxillary (under the armpit) or peri-areolar (around the areolar). Pre-surgery discussion takes place to determine patient’s lifestyle, implant selection and body type.

  1. Size

Determining the size prior to the surgery raises anxiety among the patients for a certain extent. A general concern of many is not getting it too big but results must be visible. Surgeon is responsible in measuring the implant size as per patient’s anatomy and recommend the best method. The use of imaging technology on the implant size offers a certain degree of convenience to patients, allowing them to take an informed decision.


  1. Selection

This is perhaps the most important step factoring overall outcome of the breast surgery and it’s about selecting the right plastic surgeon. Make sure the facility is recognised equipped with state-of-the-art technology and veteran doctors to get the job well done.

You may also request the surgeon or doctor to present his certificate as a proof before confirming an appointment. Access to before and after images over the internet database from hospital’s official website thereby taking an informed decision! Read More: How To Get Rid of Depression In 24 Hours?

Recommendations from friends, families especially patients already underwent the procedure are always helpful so make sure you get plenty of that.


The above considerations would surely help you through breast augmentation in a safe way while bearing optimistic results.

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