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How to Choose a Stylish Backpack for Women

Choosing a Stylish Backpack for Women is the most important decision for you if you are heading out on the road. You need to pick a backpack that is fashionable and match with your lifestyle. If you are women then women-specific backpack can be a good choice for you. Not all the backpack is fashionable. So you need to choose the right one as this will fit you well.

You will get three types of backpack

Men’s backpack

This backpack is designed for men. But this is not bad for women. Women can also use this backpack depending on body type and pack specification. Some pack has better feature.

Women Backpack

Some backpack is specially designed for women. Most of the women backpack is fashionable. This type of backpack will fit better than another style backpack as this is specially designed for women. Men’s backpack will not fit right on your hip. But this frame will fit correctly.

Unisex backpack

You will find some pack for either gender. Both men and women can use this backpack.

Difference between Men’s and women’ backpack

Narrower shoulder

Men’s shoulder is wider than women. So, a backpack which is made for women is narrower. If a backpack does not fit well on your shoulder, then it will not be comfortable.

Shorter torso length

Women torso length is shorter than men. It’s a vital consideration for choosing a backpack. You need to choose a backpack according to your torso length. Otherwise, you may have back pain. Nowadays you can find backpack with an adjustable back piece. In that case, it is not a big deal as you can adjust this backpack any time according to your torso length.

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Different hip belt

Men’s backpack will not sit the same on women’s. The hip belt is a major consideration for choosing a backpack as this is going to take the load of your backpack.

Important features that you should check

Duffel capability: Backpack can cause pack pain. If you have back pain then choose a rolling bag instead of carrying. You can use Osprey Sojourn 60 L Wheeled Convertible for wheels. It can roll over everything.

Front loading vs. top loading: If you have to pack and unpack much time then you can use front loading. In top loading, you have to take everything out to find out something from the bottom of your backpack.

Durable: You need to choose a backpack which is durable. Most of the tactical backpack are durable as they are made with high-quality fabric. They are made for camping, hiking, and travel.

Camera and Laptop protection: If you have tech gear then choose a backpack that provides support for tech gear like laptop and camera.

External Pocket: External pocket is helpful as you can put all small things here. It can also help you to make stuff organized.

Camelback Hookup: It’s nice to have a hookup for your camel back. It’s not an essential feature, but for someone it is important. Many backpacks have a pouch for that. It will help you to stay hydrated when you are traveling with your backpack.

Theft proof: If your backpack has locking zipper it will increase security. Tactical backpack, you can also buy an anti-theft backpack.

Overall a female backpack is shorter that a men backpack. It also does not mean it will fit every woman. Many girls are taking men’s backpack because they have wide shoulder, have larger torso length or they just don’t care.

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