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Destination Management Company: 5 principles to guaranteed success

In the meetings industry, no sector other than destination management witnessed a major transformation in the last four decades. The core mission and purpose of a typical destination management company is providing expertise and local logistics to active clients in the event niche however, the medium used to create, promote and facilitate accessibility has altered radically.

Destination Management Company: 5 principles to guaranteed success

Even this industry has been pervaded by internet providing information and expertise much like a rainbow at the end of the gold pot. We’ve entered a new decade and here’re a few principles crucial for success and survival or destination management professionals as well as the company itself.

  1. Be a marketer than a manager

In the past, a typical destination management company actually waited for clients and customers to approach it but the trend is long gone. DMCs nowadays have no choice but creating demand for their service which can be achieved by crafting a real-time marketing strategy based on assets and attributes of the destination or area where you operate.

In coming times, a single-location DMC will be considered savvy destination marketers, endorsing their services stringently within the framework of overall destination presentation. For instance, they know what buyers are interested in and therefore proceed accordingly. Likewise, global DMCs serving multiple locations have their focus on promoting core value proposition of the sector.

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  1. Backscratching – The principle!

The principle of cooperation with immediate competitor is widely accepted in many different business sectors, including destination management. It’s like this, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”; this approach would bring in line more partners and local entities ensuring a destination brand remain on the forefront.

DMCs would be engaged in developing and implementation of well-conceived marketing campaigns working alongside tourist boards, hospitality industry, restaurants other similar organisations. Each participant will lend special expertise to oversee the development of successful live events.

  1. Beyond thinking out of the box

Merely thinking out of the box isn’t enough anymore! Successful DMCs tend to go beyond that and actually live outside the box in pursuit of being uniqueness, creativity and innovation. This mostly depends on what a destination offers in terms of purchase and price. It’s possible a destination management company would therefore need to redefine its services and abandon old paradigms. Success would only come with fresh and flawless services geared by innovation and covering a broad market.

  1. Professional approach

DMCs are crucial to assist local and federal government in encouraging the economic value of meetings, events, marketing investment and need of a consistent PR approach. Most of the destination marketing campaigns are created and funded by evangelists in the hospitality industry and there’re many different fiscal advantages as well. For instance, VAT reclaim, arrangement of a complete logistic package, bid support for conferences and overall charm of the destination.

  1. Faster & better yet inexpensive

Your DMC can gain a competitive edge by offering fast, reliable and quicker solutions yet cheaper without compromising on overall service quality. Many likely companies harness advance IT to proceed and attain long-term success.


Make sure your destination management company remains on top by adhering to the above principles.

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