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Dyson Made a very Expensive Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is not a work of art, but it does hold a sort of iconic place in our cultural landscape. It’s recognizable at a distance and has been blowing and burning follicles in pretty much the same way since the 1970s.The new Dyson Supersonic is a stunning breath of hot air in the face of traditional dryers — a rare new take on decades-old product category that looks nothing like the archetypal hair dryer.Current blow dryers feature long, almost anteater-like snouts, blunt backs and contoured handles designed to fit a wide variety of hand sizes and hair needs.I had to wonder if someone could accidentally cover the vents on the pole with her hand. Crawford insisted people will hold their hands higher and that even if they did cover the vent hole on the outside of the pole, they would still leave some uncovered in the base.

The right message

Blow dryers might have a different target audience than most of Dyson’s other products. At the very least, Dyson has focused heavily on exciting the gee-whiz technology community when selling its elegantly designed devices. How, then, will it break through to the women it hopes to attract as customers?

Part of the plan involves Jen Atkin.

Before meeting Atkin, I’d never heard of her, but I’m clearly in the minority. The celebrity stylist to the stars has over 1 million Instagram followers and even her own line of haircare products sold under the brand Ouai. But when she saw the Supersonic blow dryer, she “fell in love with it.” She described it as “gorgeous” and “lightweight” and will, obviously, be promoting across her social brand channels.

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