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Insomnia Cause of Inadequate Sleep – symptoms of Insomnia

Feeling of Irritability, Dullness, laziness and fatigue surely the symptoms of Insomnia- Not getting enough sleep at night.

Insomnia Cause of Inadequate Sleep

Now you don’t need to worry anymore, because I here to recall your sleep & take your smile back on your face “how???” I know this is a question comes in your mind, and I’ll tell you the answer which definitely gone a prove it in my article and you just need to read it attentively.

Here are some symptoms of Insomnia you should Follow:


To define insomnia, we simply say ‘insomnia is a sleep disorder where you’re having trouble while falling asleep’. Insomnia is actually a medical term, which means inability to sleep. In this you may feel tired when you wake up in the morning. We can’t say if a person isn’t sleeping for day then he has any type of sleep disorder like insomnia, but if a person isn’t sleep from two or three days or more than a week then he will be accepted as insomnia patient.

 Insomnia Types

Insomnia is mainly categorized in to five different types that are given below:

Acute Insomnia- This type of insomnia is a short term sleep disorder which caused by regular routine anxiety or tension, like receiving bad news from somewhere, stress from job or work load, regular travelling, etc…It occurs only for two or three days . This insomnia type isn’t a serious problem and it can be cure without any treatment.

Chronic Insomnia- In this a person is unable to fall asleep for three nights per week for three or more than three months, this type of insomnia considered as a sleep disorder and requires treatment.

Comorbid Insomnia- This type of insomnia occurs when someone is suffering from any health related problem like body pain, illness or injury and that is why he is unable to fall asleep. Comorbid insomnia is also a result of psychological or medical factor such as stress and depression.

Onset Insomnia- In onset Insomnia a person finds the difficulty to fall asleep at the beginning of the night.

Maintenance Insomnia- In this insomnia person is wake up at the night and finds the difficulty to fll asleep again. See More: [How To Get Rid of Depression In 24 Hours?]

Causes of Insomnia Disorder

  1. Insomnia may cause due to inappropriate or unsuitable room temperature.
  2. Lots of noise in the room where you’re going to sleep.
  3. When you skip your dinner.
  4. Eating heavy meals just before going to your bed for sleep.
  5. Health related issues like illness or injury pain.
  6. You’ll be sleep deprived if you’re not having comfortable mattresses.
  7. If you’re having stress or tension about something.

How to fix Insomnia

  1. Keep on mind before going to sleep that your room temperature should be suitable for you.
  2. Don’t drink caffeine like tea or coffee before going to sleep.
  3. Proper scheduling of sleeping and awakening is necessary.
  4. Eat Healthy food like almonds, fruits, green vegetables, etc…to eliminate your insomnia problem.
  5. Drink Milk, chamomile or green tea before going to sleep instead of drinking caffeine drinks. These drinks help you to sleep easily.
  6. Try to indulge yourself in physical activities throughout the day, these activities not only makes you agile but also makes you tired so that you can easily sleep at night,
  7. Listen to soft music track in you are unable to sleep, you can also read book or magazine in such situation.
  8. Meditation for 5-7 minutes can also help you to sleep easily and comfortably.

There are some more Tips and suggestion to cure insomnia   yoga asanas for better sleep, Good and worse food for sleep helps you to get rid from sleep insomnia or this sleep disorder.

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