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Top 7 Best Mobile App for Women Safety and Security

Here is the List of Best Mobile App for Women Safety and Security. Still, in this era and time, women in their daily life routine face domestic abuse, violence, molestation, and rape. Numerous rape cases were reported in the past years by the worldwide media and the opinions of legal, authorities, politicians, victims, culprits, as well as the social activist and people who are concerned about these issues, speaks much about on where we stand on the issue regarding the personal safety of women. Often, it is seen that these crimes occur when women are alone and are solo on their way.

Top 7 Best Mobile App for Women Safety and Security

Thankfully, we have a plenty of personal safety apps developed to deal with this issue. We have come up with a list of 10 personal safety mobile apps for women, made for Android. In any case, having these mobile apps on the phone for any woman should be essential than having any other. How To Use Whatsapp messenger without SIM card

Circle of 6 App

A unique mobile app for women safety – Circle of 6 lets you link to up to six close contacts in their circle. The app delivers different notifications when the user taps on to alert their circle.

If you are working women needing a safe ride to home or even when traveling alone, then this app is just made for you. It sends an alert to any of your six chosen close people in your contacts. Also, when in an emergency, the app connects you to the relevant responsible authorities.

VithU App

When in danger, no one has the time and sense to dial a number of urgency. But with the “The VithU App” any potential victim can escape the peril through the number-punching feature. When you double push the power button on the mobile phone, the app immediately sends an SOS alert to your contacts.

In every two minutes, Alert messages are sent out to the listed contacts, who along with your physical location receives a message. Every time a message goes out your updated location is sent.

I’m Shakti App

IMS – the I’m Shakti mobile app is one that intends to support you in keeping control of your “Shakti,” which means power. All you need to press the power button five times in 2 seconds and the app will get triggered and reach you to your emergency contact. A customizable emergency SMS along with your GPS location will be sent to your listed contacts.

Life360 Family Locator App

An app with multipurpose use Life360 Family Locator helps you stay connected with your family members and companions and keep a check on their physical location. You can create your circle on the app, add people to them and check their locations on a secret map. Dyson Made a very Expensive Hair Dryer

This app ensures that your family members are secured and safe by always letting you keep track of your close ones. You can also send your location or an alert to them. As a free feature, you can also chat with them. Furthermore, the app can be used to recover your stolen or lost phone.

Secure Her App

This App Made by Coterie Tech which is the best software house in the Pakistan. Secure Her App is a must have, if you stay solo in a place, distant from family or close friends. When tapped double on the app’s icon on the mobile phone, Secure Her sends out a danger signal.

Then, a call center responds to the distress signal to ensure that the user gets help. For now, this app is only operative in India, but for the time to come, the app will be available globally.

Nirbhaya – Be Fearless App

With mobile app Nirbhaya, the user with a single touch can send an SMS alert or call when an emergency occurs. When triggered, it sends your exact GPS location to your pre-chosen contacts.

Also, every 300 meters you move the app sends out your precise location updates. Geo-Fence and Shake to alert are some other notable features which come with this app.

Sentinel Personal Security SOS App

The Sentinel Personal security app is claimed to be the quickest SOS app available in the current mobile app market. You can send SMS and email alerts and call your emergency contacts when the necessity arises. The SMS alert sends your time, GPS location, and direction of travel. It operates even without an Internet connection or network, which make it a great pick.


Women safety is the utmost priority considering the number of cases of crime against women growing day by day. There are numerous safety apps available on the play store developed specially for security and protection of women. So, we have come up with a list of best seven women safety apps, which ensures their safety and security.

Almost all the apps are similar — a pre-selected list by the user of contacts to alert in an emergency and delivery of GPS location which are intuitive and user-friendly.

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